Friday, March 4, 2011


These fruit trees are found within a kilometer radius from my house.

This apple tree is on my neighbour's boundry fence, literally less than a meter from my garage. It is stick thin, but you can see lots of apples hanging.

This is a crab apple tree which is only about 5 feet tall ( slightly taller than me *grins* ) but has a very heavy crop every season. I was told by the owner who is one of my neighbours that you can't actually eat the apple but you can turn them into crab apple jelly. I've got no idea what he meant by that. Cannot eat them but can make them into crab apple jelly..... Huh?!? On this street that I'm living, I love this tree the most.... it's so pwetty.

I was doing my Meals On Wheels delivery one day and saw this abnormal tree with abnormal amounts of fruits on it. I'm not quite sure what fruit it is, but my guess is it is a kind of pear. Some of the fruits are huge.... as huge as my Samboy's head ( look at the picture on this blog sidebar )... I kid you not!

I pass by this tree every day on my way to the supermarket ( yes, I do go to the supermarket every day! ) Each time I pass by, my heart will ache and I wish I could have a tree like this in my back yard. And no it's not because I love to eat peaches, but it's just so that I could admire them on the tree. Hehehe.

I have never seen an avocado tree in my whole life.... little did I know that for the past 3 years I have been driving right past a HUGE avocado tree almost every day.... hmph! For those who have not seen and for those who claim they have not seen an avocado tree, I suggest you look at a mango tree, and that is exactly how an avocado tree looks like.

This fig tree belongs to a British neighbour who lives 5 doors away from me. He was the inspiration for me to start my own vegetable garden. Whatever he grows, he grows them well, whereas for me, whatever I grow, the plants struggle to survive.... muahaha!

This is a feijoa tree. The taste is similar to that of guava as I have been told, but I disagree. Can't describe the taste, but definitely not guava! This tree also belongs to my inspirational neighbour.

No explanation required!

My immediate neighbour also grows raspberries. This is one of two on the whole plant! ROTFL! He also grows beautiful apricots and plums ( somewhat more successfully than his raspberries ) along our fenceline. I was too late in the season to photograph them.

Blush! blush!.... Who am I to talk. Here is my one of two passionfruits in my own backyard. What's worse is that one of them went rotten. Arghh!


  1. shereen!!!! anda buat Cm telan air liur:)terima kasih sb letak posting yg menarik ini.teringin nak makan apple yg dipetik dari pokok hehe.Tapi kenapa apple ni tak boleh dimakan begitu saja ya..sayang...

  2. Kak CM,
    Apple yang besar and hijau tu boleh makan tapi yang tak boleh makan tu are the crab apples..yang kecik-kecik but lebat and warna merah.I pun tak tau kenapa tak boleh makan begitu saja sebab payah nak faham accent my neighbour tu yang pekat..hehehe.

  3. duduk merantau di negara orang memang best kan ..dapat tenguk pokok buah yang tak ada kat sini.

    nasib baik duk jauh kan..terselamat..kamu memang nak stay terus kat nz ker?

    yang banyak shopping hb akak..akak taklah sangat.

  4. Kak Ina,
    Bab tu aje yang best tapi walau macam mana pun,negara kita sendiri lebih bagus..hujan emas di negeri orang,hujan batu di negeri sendiri,lebih baik la negeri kita sendiri.Dulu masa sebelum duduk di perantauan,gatal sangat nak tapi lepas dah duduk,baru la sedar betapa bestnya and nikmatnya tinggal kat Malaysia.Tengok keadaan lah Kak Ina whether nak stay terus kat NZ ni..kita cuma merancang aje kan?
    Ya lah tu Kak..tak shopping sangat...hik!hik!hik!..buat kelakar aje Kak Ina ni!!!

  5. daging biri-biri tu sheep kan..ishhh confiuslah..boleh gak guna daging kambing
    kalau gi supermarket kamu cari ajer bahagian peha ataupun badan. kalau ada tulang sikit lagi sedap.

    Kalau gi ke tempat jual mcm pasar kamu tanya dia daging tang mana yang cepat masak.

    nanti cubalah buat yer

  6. Wah, so many types of fruits. I would love to have these in my back yard! LOL
    Crab apples are too sour if eaten raw, so they are always cooked first.

  7. Pete,
    I too would love to have these fruit trees in my back yard..just so I could look and pluck them..not to eat though..not into fruits,I'm afraid.Oooo...that's why...too sour.My neighbour was too difficult to understand..his accent is so though there's a crab apple stuck in his throat!!!

  8. It would be soo nice to have all of those in my backyard. I love fruits! :D

  9. alahai...pergi lah ke bandar besar..jangan pergi ke kawasan kampung..kat delhi, banglaroe ok per..kalau tak pergi tak dapat merasa pengalaman cam akak..dapat jadikan kenangan .

  10. tulah pasal...rasa rugi bila bayaran untuk visa semahal itu..memang terasa rugi pergi sekejap sangat..tak per..tengah kumpul duit nak gi jejalan lagi..

    ooo kat Fiji pun camtu gak ek..kamu tentu lagi byk tempat dah berjalan..sharelah gambar kat blog ni

  11. hi Shereen..tetiba rasa rindu kat shereen..kenapa diam je..semoga sihat sihat selalu.

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  13. Normally people don't eat crab apple as they are small and sour. It is usually for the birds but some people do make jam out of it.

  14. Gert,
    Semalam I lalu infront of my that crab apple's neighbour and i saw the crab apples punyalah cantik.They were sooo red and shiny...macam kena some sort of botox or whatever injection to make them look so pretty!!Geram I tengok!!