Monday, November 15, 2010


A walk around the neighbourhood on one sunny but chilly evening. Most of these photographs are of plants growing wild by the roadside, except for the roses. Enjoy these pictures.

This is a bottlebrush flower. There are also pink colour flowers as well. Look at the blue blue sky.

This is one of my favourite shots because of the tiny buds.

This is known as New Zealand's Christmas tree. It blooms fully in December and it is called Pohutukawa.

A kind of weed. It may just be weeds, but with lovely flowers.

Tiny Pohutukawa buds.... beautiful.

A kind of tiny succulent / cactus plant. It's tiny and grows wild. Love them.
The above and following two pictures are of weeds. Sometimes even weeds can be beautiful.

My front neighbour's apple tree. The plant is as thin as a match stick but is already producing apples.